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At Nature's Vault, we are pioneering a new era of investment, combining the timeless value of gold with cutting-edge innovation in Real World Assets on the blockchain.

We proudly introduce GOLDEN, a revolutionary gold-backed stablecoin that redefines how you can invest in gold, and the future!

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Why goldEn

GOLDEN represent a commitment to leave 1 gram of gold in the ground at the Pistol Lake claim in Canada, offering a unique blend of security, stability, and growth potential.

secure investment

Each GOLDEN token is backed by real gold, ensuring your investment is solid and tangible.

transparent owership

With GOLDEN, you have clear, blockchain-verified ownership of gold in the ground, providing peace of mind and simplicity.

growth potential

As gold prices appreciate, so does the value of your GOLDEN, offering a hedge against inflation and a path to wealth accumulation.


As part of our soft launch, we're offering a unique chance to participate in the private sales round of GOLDEN stablecoin.

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What is a Digital Goldmine?

Gold has played a pivotal role in the global economy for thousands of years, and even after the abandonment of the gold standard, the yellow metal has remained an important part of many investment portfolios.

Today, whether in the form of bars, coins, ETFs, or digital tokens, gold’s enduring value continues to make it an attractive asset. However, mining a physical metal also comes with significant environmental costs.

A Digital Goldmine is simply a piece of property that has confirmed a specific amount of gold would be available, if mined. Instead of mining the gold, and moving it into another underground vault, the gold is left in the ground, and monetized on the blockchain. The value is made available to the public, without the environmental damage.

The Environmental Cost of Gold Mining

To start, gold mining’s environmental implications include deforestation, waste production, and carbon emissions.

The expansion of gold mines from 2000 to 2019 led to over 3,500 km² of deforestation. In addition, annual emissions are estimated to be around 126 million CO²e tonnes.

What’s more, approximately 99% of the ore extracted from gold mining goes to waste. Tailings, the main waste generated from gold extraction, contain high levels of heavy metals. When exposed to water or wind, these metals can leach into the surrounding environment, posing a variety of health risks and inflicting long-term harm on ecosystems.

After extraction, processing, and refinement, physical gold used as assets are stored away in vaults, raising the question: is the environmental cost justified?

The Solution: A Digital Goldmine

Nature’s Vault is decarbonizing the gold mining sector by creating digital assets like the Natures Gold Stablecoin that monetize the preservation of gold in the ground. As a result, the emissions and the environmental damage associated with mining are avoided.

So, how does a digital goldmine work exactly?

  • Nature’s Vault identifies and evaluates mining rights with independently quantified gold deposits.

  • They then acquire and maintain unencumbered legal titles to these mining rights to prevent the sale or exploitation of the underlying gold deposits.

  • Finally, gold-linked assets are created by tokenizing mineral rights and preserving in-ground gold using blockchain and asset fractionalization.

This way, gold for investment can still be used without the associated damage of mining.

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Project FAQs

What is the Nature’s Gold Stablecoin (GOLDEN)?

The GOLDEN Stablecoin represents an innovative fusion of natural capital investment and digital finance. It offers a tangible asset backing, with each stablecoin equivalent to 1 gram of in-ground gold, validated by independent assessments and secured through patented mining rights, owned by Nature’s Vault.

How is the GOLDEN Stablecoin Created?

GOLDEN is created through a meticulous process involving the identification and acquisition of mining rights for gold deposits. These rights are held by a legally distinct entity with strict governance, ensuring the gold remains unmined. The quantity of gold, verified by an independent NI 43-101 report, is tokenized into GOLDEN stablecoins, with each coin representing a gram of gold.

What Makes GOLDEN a Stablecoin?

GOLDEN is a gold-backed stablecoin, combining the historical stability of gold with the efficiency and security of blockchain technology. It provides a unique investment vehicle that is both stable and digital. GOLDEN is priced with a 70% discount to the spot price of gold, accounting for the unmined status and associated risks of extraction. This valuation method acknowledges the speculative nature of the investment while maintaining a tangible asset backing.

Tell me about the Gold

Where is the Gold located, and how much?

Nature’s Vault has acquired mining rights to a gold deposit located at the Pistol Lake Mine in the Thunder Bay area of Ontario, Canada. This region is a critical watershed for the great lakes and is home to a wide variety of wildlife and protected species.

This deposit is verified via an updated NI 43-101 report. A NI 43-101 report is a regulatory standard that mandates the disclosure of scientific and technical information about mineral projects in Canada. It ensures that all data presented is accurate, reliable, and verified by professional geological experts, offering a solid foundation for investor confidence.

Does Nature’s Vault own the gold in the ground?

Nature’s Vault have acquired Mining rights, which if mined, are estimated to result in the production of 150,000 troy ounces of gold being extracted.. To be safe, Nature’s Vault is only converting 125,000 troy ounces of gold into GOLDEN stablecoin. This equates to the preservation of approximately 3.54 million grams of gold underlying the Patented Mining Claims held by Nature’s Vault.

Mining rights are the rights to the minerals in, on and under the surface. Mining rights are not limited to minerals below the surface.

Can I redeem the GOLDEN stablecoin for real gold?

As a holder of GOLDEN, you are making a commitment to never have the gold in the ground extracted. Nature’s Vault is the custodian of that promise, and is committed to never mine the gold. If that promise is ever broken, then as a GOLDEN holder, have a claim to the gold in the ground, which can be redeemed for the extracted gold. This is facilitated through a Gold Futures Contract, ensuring each stablecoin corresponds to a specific quantity of gold.

Tell me about the STABLECOIN

How do I know that Nature’s Vault wont issue more stablecoins then there is gold in the ground?

Because each GOLDEN stablecoin corresponds directly to 1 gram of in ground gold, issuance and management are critical. Nature’s Vault is working with a Tier-One provider of multi-signature security, multi-user policy controls, and advanced security configurations to ensure secure stablecoin minting, transfers, and wallet management. This ensure that each stablecoin is backed by 1 gram of Nature’s Gold as quantified by the relevant 43-101 report. Nature’s Vault also works with industry partners to ensure that it never creates more GOLDEN Stablecoins then it has gold in the ground. If Nature’s Vault wants to release more GOLDEN stablecoins, it must acquire and verify new gold holdings.

How is GOLDEN stablecoin linked to the price of gold?

How is the GOLDEN price set?

Valuation Principle: The intrinsic value of GOLDEN is tied to the market value of gold. However, instead of reflecting the current market price (spot price) of physical, mined gold, it is discounted by 70%. This means if the market value of one gram of gold is $70 USD, the value of GOLDN would be $21 USD. This discount reflects the additional risks and costs associated with mining and extracting the gold.

GOLDEN's trade value in relation to gold, considering the 70% discount, provides a unique investment proposition that blends the speculative nature of mining ventures with the intrinsic value and stability offered by gold as an asset, adjusted for the risks and costs associated with its future extraction.

The total number of GOLDEN stablecoins minted will start at 2.5 million. Each stablecoin corresponds to 1 gram of in-ground gold. As additional patented mining claims with detailed NI 43-101 report are acquired and tokenized, the supply of GOLDEN will increase correspondingly to the amount of gold under management. This will be subject to approval through a robust governance framework.

GOLDEN is a digital representation of a specific amount of gold stored in the ground and secured by mining rights owned by Nature’s Vault. This approach combines the stability and traditional value of gold with the efficiency and security of modern blockchain technologies.

This presentation/website is provided for informational purposes only regarding Nature’s Vault (“Nature’s Vault”) and does not constitute a solicitation or an offer to invest in the securities of Nature’s Vault or the GOLDEN Stablecoins described herein. Access to this presentation/website does not provide any opportunity to invest in Nature’s Vault or GOLDEN Stablecoins. Rather, any persons who may be interested in an investment in Nature’s Vault should email the contacts listed at the last page of this presentation/website. Thereafter, such persons will be reviewed by Nature’s Vault for suitability and, if approved, may sign a Non-disclosure Agreement (“NDA”) in order to receive access to the Nature’s Vault “Information Memorandum'' and other confidential information.

This presentation/website should not be relied upon for decisions relating to an investment in Nature’s Vault or the purchase of GOLDEN Stablecoins, nor does it constitute financial, trading, investment advice or recommendations by Nature’s Vault, its affiliates, officers, directors, managers, employees, agents, advisors, or consultants. An investment in Nature’s Vault is speculative and involves a high degree of risk. Investors should consider carefully the numerous risk factors as well as the other information available upon the execution of an NDA, including the financial statements and financial projections of Nature’s Vault before making any investment decision.

Nature’s Vault is a start-up company and whether it will be successful or not is a matter of speculation. There can be no assurance that Nature’s Vault will execute its business plan successfully or achieve its projections. If any of the many risks facing Nature’s Vault actually occur, the business, financial conditions, results of operations and prospects of Nature’s Vault could be materially adversely affected and any investment in Nature’s Vault could become worthless.

The regulatory framework covering the GOLDEN Stablecoins described herein (which GOLDEN Stablecoins are key to the success of the business of Nature’s Vault), is subject to change, whether due to changes in law or regulations addressing, inter alia, blockchain technology, which affect GOLDEN Stablecoins.

GOLDEN Stablecoins represent unexercised Mining Rights over an estimated amount of gold. GOLDEN Stablecoins do not grant the holder any direct or indirect, legal or beneficial interests in any such preserved gold, unless that gold is extracted. The methodology described in this presentation/website to determine the number of GOLDEN Stablecoins issued in relation to Mining Rights held by Nature’s Vault Ltd, and the representation/website of each GOLDEN Stablecoin, is dependent on the accuracy of the relevant 43-101 Technical Report(s). While the management of Nature’s Vault believe the resource estimate contained in the relevant 43-101 or JORC Technical Report(s) is reliable and fit for purpose, there is no guarantee as to the precision of the resource estimate from the relevant 43-101 or JORC Technical Reports.

No warranties or representation/websites are made to the recipient of this presentation/website or its advisers, or to any future investor in Nature’s Vault or to the holders, purchasers or sellers of GOLDEN Stablecoins. GOLDEN Stablecoins, as envisaged in this presentation/website, are under development and are being constantly updated. Future developments may affect the functionality of GOLDEN Stablecoins, such that they differ from the description set out in this presentation/website. No representation/website or warranty is given as to the achievement or reasonableness of any plans, future projections or prospects. To the fullest extent possible, all liability for any loss or damage arising from any person acting on any information and opinions contained in this presentation/website is disclaimed.

The value of GOLDEN Stablecoins may fluctuate greatly in accordance to various market forces and parameters, technical advancements and economic, legal and political factors. Therefore, the value of an investment in Nature’s Vault may also fluctuate greatly and could involve the complete loss of any investment.

As with other technological solutions, GOLDEN Stablecoins may be a prime target subject to exploitation, expropriation and/or theft and, therefore, the business of Nature’s Vault will be subject to risks unlike those of traditional industries. Hackers or other malicious groups or organisations may attempt to interfere with the systems used by Nature’s Vault in various ways, including malware, consensus, sybil, phishing, smurfing, and/or denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks. There may also be attempts to remove the party’s access or control over their cryptographic functions via spoofing and smurfing hacks. Should such an event occur, Nature’s Vault and the holders of GOLDEN Stablecoins may be subjected to catastrophic loss. In such a case, Nature’s Vault can provide no assurance, guarantee or remedy to investors or holders of GOLDEN Stablecoins.

Any party who invests in Nature’s Vault or purchases and/or holds GOLDEN Stablecoins is responsible for their adherence to their local and foreign laws. Nature’s Vault and its affiliates shall not be held responsible for any loss or damages in the event that any such parties violate such laws.

The tax and accounting treatment of GOLDEN Stablecoins is uncertain and may vary amongst jurisdictions. This situation may subject investors in Nature’s Vault to unique risks. Accordingly, any party who invests in Nature’s Vault or purchases and/or holds GOLDEN Stablecoins must seek independent tax advice in connection with the potential adverse tax consequences. Cryptographic tokens such as GOLDEN Stablecoins are a new and relatively untested technology. In addition to the risks noted above, there are other risks associated with GOLDEN Stablecoins that Nature’s Vault and its affiliates cannot anticipate. Such risks may further materialise as unanticipated variations or combinations of the risks set out herein.

GOLDEN Stablecoins rely on blockchain technology, which is still in a relatively early development stage and is unproven for this purpose. Any malfunction, flaws, breakdown or abandonment of the selected Blockchain may have a material adverse effect on Nature’s Vault and the holders of GOLDEN Stablecoins. Furthermore, developments in cryptographic technologies and techniques or changes in consensus protocol or algorithms could present risks to Nature’s Vault and the holders of GOLDEN Stablecoins. There are a variety of possible cryptographic consensus mechanisms, such as “proof of work” and “proof of stake” which may be used either now or in the future, and risks which may arise if there is any improper implementation of such consensus mechanisms, and unanticipated adverse effects may arise from these such consensus mechanisms.